Kevin O.

I have been an Elevon Client for 1 year. I cannot recommend this program enough…. The customized workouts are challenging and never boring and Brian’s detailed feedback on my workouts makes it feel like he is there in person.

The monthly nutrition check ins dive deep into what is preventing me from achieving my nutrition goals. It’s not focused on what I’m eating but more of what’s getting in the way of nourishing my body (stress, work, anxiety etc). The nutrition plan never feels restrictive & always empowers me to utilize my strengths.

Sally R.

Elevon and Coach Brian were a delight to work with! Brian took the time to understand my unique goals and limitations, worked with me on a plan that met those criteria, and was extremely supportive along the way. Even when I didn’t follow through with things on my end, I always felt encouraged and like I had a supporter in my corner. I initially decided to work with Brian to work on my movement and nutrition but gained so much more knowledge than just those areas. Brian helped with me time management, work-life balance, prioritizing sleep, meal planning, and more. I highly recommend Elevon to anyone needing a restart or support in their wellness journey.

Matt L.

Quality coaching with a nice amount of communication in the remote format. Lifestyle coaching also makes it feel like you’re really being invested in as an athlete.