Is the Deadlift Right for Your Goals?

For most of us, adding some lean muscle, dropping some body fat, and feeling good in our own skin are three reasons why we start lifting weights. But what are the best movements to do to speed us towards our goals? One movement to consider is the Deadlift. Very simple: pick a barbell up and […]

A 5 Step Process to Jump Start (and Maintain) Your Fitness Routine

The best workout program means nothing if you never start or stay with it. Here are five action steps you can take to not only kickstart your fitness routine, but also maintain your efforts over the long term. — If you are ready to jump start your fitness, look no further than Elevon!  From training […]

Elevated Fitness for Everyone

“Make time for your health and fitness” they say. “Invest in a personal trainer” they say. “You should eat better” they say. “Just go and lift some weights” they say. They (whoever “they” is) say a lot of things. It’s easy to say things, but as we all know its much harder to actually do […]

Can This ‘Stomach Vacuum’ Exercise Really Build Your Core Muscles?

No, you don’t need to pump out hundreds of crunches and sit-ups to build stronger abdominal muscles. But is the “stomach vacuum” exercise that’s breaking the internet really the miracle core strengthener advocates claim it is?  The exercise, which went viral on the video-sharing platform TikTok, has had more than 85.8 million views. Jenny Brennecke, DPT, […]

6 Hydration Mistakes You’re Making During Exercise

Good hydration is important all the time — especially when you’re working out. If you don’t drink enough fluids before, during, and after exercise, particularly when you’re sweating a lot, you could become dehydrated. Dehydration “plays a huge role in mental and physical health,” says Jamie Hickey, a NASM-certified personal trainer and registered dietitian at Truism Fitness in […]

How to Get Started With Cycling Workouts: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Cycling offers workout benefits for people of all fitness levels. But if the last time you rode a bike was a loop around the neighborhood as a kid, you may have a lot of questions about how to get started. Don’t be intimidated by pro cyclers you may see on your local bike paths. While […]