You deserve a richer, stronger, and more elevated life!


I’m Brian Terpak,

your new health and fitness coach.

An exercise science nerd, a former high school teacher, and a successful gym owner for the past nine years, I have helped my clients feel more comfortable in their own skin, increase their body’s capacity to lift heavy things and move well, and boost energy throughout their days to keep them productive and happy. I realized, however, that I had the opportunity to reach a broader audience beyond my facility. By expanding into the online realm, I could work more deeply with people just as passionate about health and fitness as I am. And so, Elevon was born.

I understand that achieving big changes in athletic performance and/or physical transformations can be really, really hard, especially as we age. 

But with a training plan and lifestyle coaching specific to your goals, total transformation is all but assured.

You will achieve success through the Elevon Trinity: uniquely curated, science based workouts help you build lean muscle and boost energy, lifestyle and nutrition coaching with effective principles of habit change overcome key roadblocks holding you back from your goals, and finally clear and timely communication strategies ensure you are
always heard and your expectations are always met.

As a client of Elevon, your goals are my goals and I promise to steer you along the right path to help you arrive safely.

My role as your guide is a journey that I find incredibly rewarding. Knowing I get to help people my age discover that they still have many super healthy and fit years left in the tank, that they don’t have to feel ashamed about their bodies, that they can still be athletically competitive, gives my work meaning and fulfillment.

As a client of Elevon, you’ll receive workouts and nutrition coaching around your specific goals.

Instead of guessing which workout and habit change to implement and address first, I assess patterns of movement through a time tested dynamic screening process.

Nutrition habits are dissected in a one on one nutrition consult and we work together to determine which habit to tackle first. 

Each month, the program evolves and adapts to your unique situations and needs. By using this approach, clients can expect focused work towards a goal with the flexibility to change things up when they hit roadblocks or plateaus.

Result? They arrive to their goals faster and safer!

No matter my clients’ goals, one thing is for certain: they achieve results. Period. I’ve helped runners run faster, longer, and pain free. I’ve helped Olympic weightlifters lift more weight than they ever had. I’ve helped busy professionals finally find the time to make their health and happiness a priority. The list goes on and on!

Stop struggling through performance plateaus.

Quit wasting energy on less than effective strategies for carving out the physique you’ve always wanted.

Drop the fatigue, flab, and fear.

Your journey towards elevated human performance starts with a click of the button below.

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