A 5 Step Process to Jump Start (and Maintain) Your Fitness Routine

The best workout program means nothing if you never start or stay with it.

Here are five action steps you can take to not only kickstart your fitness routine, but also maintain your efforts over the long term.

  1. Creating SMART goals.
    • Specific
      • I want to be healthier is not a specific goal.  To transform this into something more specific. For example, I want to reduce my body fat percentage by 20%.
    • Measurable
      • Can you track progress?  Do you actions produce data that can be looked at over time?  If we use the example above, you can definitely track your body fat percentage across time.
    • Achievable
      • Given your current habits and health, is the goal you are setting realistic?  If 20% body fat reduction isn’t within in your current skill set, maybe 5-10% would be more appropriate.
    • Relevant
      • Does your goal matter to you?  Why do you want to lose 20% body fat?  Is this attached to a greater purpose?
    • Time-Sensitive
      • A goal without a goalpost keeps you on track and accountable to yourself.  Losing 20% bodyfat in 1 year would be an example of a time-sensitive goal.
  2. Take an inventory of the flow of your day.
    • Bringing awareness to how you spend your energy and time is crucial.
      • Are you habitually hitting snooze on your alarm because you aren’t sleeping well?  Do you spend a lot of time on your phone throughout the day?  Do you have a demanding job that is high stress?  How much water and food are you consuming throughout the day?
    • Take a week and journal your daily routine.  This will help you determine where you could cut out actions that waste your time and locate daily stressors that need to be addressed.
  3. Build an environment that supports success.
    • When our homes are structured in ways that encourage poor choices, it becomes much harder to enact change.
      • Is your home stocked with quality food options?
      • What opportunities does your home allow you to recharge?  Is your home overstimulating or peaceful?
    • Ensure your home environment supports your goals by creating a space that allows good choices and fills your “cup” back up each day.
  4. Locate where you can earn simple and easy wins throughout your day.
    1. Get out of bed and go to sleep 5 minutes earlier each day.
      • This sets the tone for your day.  When you get up earlier you start the day with a win.  When you go to bed earlier you end your day with a win.
    2. You don’t need to go from eating fast food to creating meals fit for fine dining.
      • A homemade sandwich is a better option than a takeout option for lunch.
      • Creating your own meals allows you to control quantities and quality better than a to go option.
    3. By starting slowly and gradually, you’ll gain confidence with enacting change.  Willpower is a finite resource and can be expanded through practice.  Practicing simple habits and being successful at doing them builds your confidence and willpower from which you apply to bigger tasks and challenges.
  5. Move well –> Move more –> Move with intensity.
    • Choosing a training program, like one from Elevon, that places quality movement above any other outcome is key to your goal.  When you take your time to move well first you reduce your chance of injury while training and can therefore spend more time working towards your goals.
    • Once you master quality movement, challenge yourself with lifting heavier weights over a period of time.  With the right prescription of progressive overload, you’ll build more lean muscle and bone density which will improve your body’s ability to burn more fat at rest and reduce injury, respectively.
    • Finally, with a body that is stronger, you can tackle moving faster in more challenging conditioning sessions.  Your body will be able to handle the intensity better as your muscles are more durable and able to withstand the repetitive nature of most conditioning efforts.

If you are ready to jump start your fitness, look no further than Elevon!  From training templates to custom training programs, I guarantee to help you move better, add more lean muscle, and boost energy.

But don’t take my word for it:  experience it for yourself.  

Schedule your FREE consultation by clicking HERE and find out the right training option for you!


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